ulai Hot Spring

Located in Wulai District of New Tapei City (Taipei County), Wulai Hot Springs are the most famous sodium bicarbonate hot springs of northern Taiwan. About a 40min ride from downtown Taipei City, it is accessible by taking MRT to Taipei Main Station or Xindian Station and then take bus no. 849 to the Wulai bus terminus.

Wulai Hot Springs have a temperature about 80 degrees Celsius and are colorless and odorless. It is believed that the Wulai Hot Springs were found by the Atayal hunters about 300 years ago. Today, many hot spring hotels and resorts are built along the riverbanks and Wulai Old Street.



Located in New Taipei City (Taipei County), Wulai is a beautiful small town surrounded by spectacular mountains ranges, running rivers, and hot springs. Within the water reservation area, Wulai features wonderful sceneries of hot springs, railways, waterfalls, gondola, and Yunshan Amusement Park.


ulai Log Car

The Wulai Log Cart is another interesting feature in the Wulai Hot Spring area. Visitors may take log cart at the Log Cart Station to the top of a nearby mountain. The ride takes about 10 minutes, natural views and the Wulai Waterfall can be seen during the ride. The Wulai Waterfall had been listed as one of Taiwan’s eight most beautiful attractions during Japanese colonial period. It has a height of approximately 80 meters with clear water. Many visitors like to go fishing or barbequing near the waterfall. A GAGA Theater is also near the log cart station where visitors may watch an Atayal aboriginal dance show. 

No.56-2, Yeyao St., Wulai Dist., New Taipei City 23341, Taiwan
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